Experience SG Oligo Service

Real-time PCR reagents and experimental protocols that are included core technologies of Seegene will be provided for your research.

Service Overview List

  1. What does SGoligo offer to you?

    SGoligo offers proven, all-in-one real-time PCR assay kit containing oligonucleotides and reagents required for real-time PCR assay and optimal to customer needs.
    SGoligo real-time assay kit is designed by the oligonucleotide design software built on Seegene’s real-time PCR know-hows. And it is validated by Seegene, and manufactured and delivered to customers by NeoProbe.
    Sgoligo opens on October 10, 2016 for customers in Korea, the first-ever market of our global service.
  2. What are the stages from order to delivery?

    1. Order
    Sign In → Order Information Entry → Shipping Information Entry (Request of email quote HERE) → Check Information
    2. Accept
    Administrator checks the order information you provided, which confirms your order.
    3. Oligo Design
    Oligo is designed on Seegene’s in silico oligo design software based on the information you provided. Upon the completion of oligo design and the start of oligo synthesis, a notice email will be sent to you on how to deliver your nucleic acid to Seegene.
    4. Oligo Synthesis
    Oligo synthesis is followed by your final confirmation. From this stage, you cannot cancel your order. Upon the start of oligo synthesis, packaging materials will be delivered for you to pack and send your nucleic acid to us.
    5. Validation
    We perform a validation test with the synthesized oligo and the nucleic acid you sent to us.
    6. Manufacturing and Delivery
    After completion of the validation, your PCR assay kit is ready, and the delivery starts.
  3. About Cart

    Your order information is saved in Cart until the confirmation of ordering. You cannot change your order information once your order is confirmed.
  4. About My Order List

    You can view your order history in Order List as well as current status of your order. The order status is indicated as Order/ Accept/ Production/ Delivery/ Cancelled.
    Production stages start from 4. Oligo Synthesis and ends at 6. Manufacture.
    If you wish to make the same order you made previously, just view and reorder with just a few clicks.
  5. What are Notice E-mail and Confirmation E-mail? What does it tell you?

    Notice E-mail
    Email notifying automatic cancellation of your order due to erroneous information you filled in or any failure of oligo design based on the information you provided.
    Confirmation E-mail
    We will reach you via phone call to check and confirm your order after oligo design is completed. Your agreement on the confirmation call means that your order is confirmed.
    After the call, we will send you an confirmation E-mail. Oligo synthesis starts upon sending of the confirmation E-mail. Your order cannot be cancelled after the email is sent to you.
  6. What are contained in an assay kit?

    The followings are offered in an assay kit.
    Contents Quantity Format Tube
    Forward SG Primer 10 nmol Dry 1
    Reverse SG Primer 10 nmol Dry 1
    SG Probe 10 nmol Dry 1
    Universal SG Fluorescence Template 220 nmol Liquid 1
    4X Enzyme Mix 250 μL Liquid 2
    RNase-free Water 1 mL Liquid 1
  7. Who operates http://www.sgoligo.com?

    http://www.sgoligo.com is operated by Seegene. With its core technologies, Seegene designs and validates your assay kit, too.
  8. Who is in charge of manufacturing and delivery?

    Seegene’s affiliate NeoProbe synthesizes oligo (SG Primers and SG Probe) designed in silico. Its service also covers packaging and delivery of your assay kit.
  9. Can I get a notice in advance of shipping?

    After the completion of manufacturing, we inform you of this in the form of a SMS text to the cellphone number you provided.