Experience SG Oligo Service

Real-time PCR reagents and experimental protocols that are included core technologies of Seegene will be provided for your research.

Validation List

  1. What can I know from Validation Result Sheet?

    You can find the following information on Validation Result Sheet.
    - Materials and Method: Validated protocol
    - Result: Real-time PCR data
  2. How can I send nucleic acid?

    You are required to send nucleic acid to to Seegene for validation of your assay kit. We will send packaging materials to you right after oligo synthesis starts. For more details on shipping, we will send email notification to you.
  3. Acceptable types and conditions of nucleic acids?

    Types of nucleic acids are limited to DNA that includes genomic DNA, plasmid DNA, complementary DNA, etc.
    Concentration and volume of DNA should be 10 ng/uL and 10 uL or higher, respectively.
    (In case of cDNA, please record RNA’s concentration before reaction.)